Art Institute students:
A High-End, Studio Level solution to your education 


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Offer: Contact my office to discover your priorities for academic programs, advanced standing and financial tuition support, and how you might connect!

Debra Hooper

Campus Director

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Qualify for Studio-level
Creativity-at-Work programs in VFX , Game Design, Film, Audio, Graphic Media Design, Photography, Interior Design

CREATIVITY Studio @ Living Arts College

To: Art Institute Students ... nationwide
If you're looking for a new home for your education, Living Arts has priority assistance to include:

Professor George LeChevallier welcomes you to a High-End creative education

Raleigh, North Carolina USA

+ Transfer credits earning advanced standing

+ Financial aid for those qualified

+ Consideration protecting your current status

+ No loss of monies already paid for tuition

+ Assistance with housing whether you're in an apartment or dorm.   Living Arts has SmartSuites, on campus private bedroom suites ... affordable!

+ Transportation options from Durham.

+ Your Living Arts College Advisor will trailor a plan to your graduation-to-the-workplace goal.

+ Living Arts has 26 years of graduation success leading to realizing their potential at the leading studios, advancing   their freelance work ... and creating their own boutique studios.

Why get started now?

+ Find access to High-End programs with graduates working on the Blockbusters, Major Advertising Campaigns, Sound Design for Film & TV, Top Games, VFX, Commercial Interior Design Spaces & their own boutique studios.

+ Living Arts high-end programs go beyond the usual at the studio level. Example: Film study using the Arri ALEXA, not video cameras.

+ Living Arts is "connected" with more graduates working on the high-end productions.

+ Living Arts has an advanced study pathway ready to help Art Institute students.